EUROHUNTS SPAIN provides technical assistance in order to obtain -firearms import permit-; if desired, we can provide excellent equipment for your use.

Firearms & Archery

USA & other countries


You are welcome to bring your own firearm or if wish EUROHUNTS SPAIN can provide excellent equipment for your use. Remember, Hunter’s friendly country!

In both of these cases, it will be necessary to process the “authorization to use guns for hunting in Spain”. We’ll assist you throughout the whole obtaining request.



According to the Spanish -Civil Guard- firearms transportation terms, a hard plastic or metal box needed for firearms as well as other independent for ammunition is required.

Do no forget your rifle soft cover to use while hunting!



 The 27 countries of the EU to bring the original “European gun card”, without this document it will be impossible to import and use hunting guns in the country

Bow hunters

Up to date, bow hunters do not need any import permit to bring a bow. For the transportation, check with your airline about current regulations.