Ted Lyon

Nashville (TN) USA

Best accommodations ever.

Professional work.

JuanPi, professional hunting guide, was excellent in all means”


Rhonda Gully

Dallas (TX) USA

“Thank you very much for the great hunt in Spain.  Everyone was so friendly and gracious.  It was a great time. “

John Ferguson 

Missouri (USA)

Thank you again for a wonderfull time and experience" 


Jayson Davison

Oklahoma (USA)

We had a wonderful time!  Thanks again for all your help!  We really do appreciate it.”

Robert Rosier

Spokane (WA) USA

I hope your future hunting clients are as lucky as I was on this recent Ibex grand slam hunt.  You certainly did your part by providing the opportunity.  Thanks so much”.

Overall, it was a very good experience. Alvaro is personable and profesional. Will do it again!


Richard Capote & Scott Chambers

Miami (FL) USA

“I have been remiss in not telling what an absolutely wonderful adventure we shared with you. My wife and I enjoyed every minute of it.”

Deb Stuchlik 

Nebraska  (NB) USA

After completing our hunt, we became "non-hunters" and enjoyed our non-hunting days. Relaxing. Loved the flamenco show!!

Fernando was fun to hang with and got us where we needed to be on time. He had the easy job - the game wardens had the tough job (locating, skinning, carrying out game)”

Mike Melanson


Calgary (Canada)

I hunted with Alvaro and euro hunts several years ago now for Gredos ibex. Still to this day one of the best hunts I've ever been on! Everything was better than advertised. We saw dozens of animals everyday and had my choice to shoot. A great person who loves hunting and is capable with a bow or gun. We started out as PH and clients but finished as friends to this day. Highly recommended in my books. The perfect hunt for your wife to join you on”

Eugene Pepi

New York (NY) USA

Alvaro is one the BEST in Europe for putting on great hunts for ibex and chamois. I'm looking forward to joining him again in Spain


Jay Johnson

Arizona (AZ) USA

I hope to return and hunt giant Gredos ibex with my bow one day. 

Chris Russell 

Texas (TX) USA

We had an amazing trip! All agree, it was the best vacation we have taken. We loved having Angie on the voyage! Thanks so much buddy. Let's all keep in touch.

Mariano Macias

Miami  (FL) USA

Spanish Ibex Slam completed!!!


Lance Fitzgerald

Colorado (CO) USA

Top accomodations an outstanding Red Deer trophy"

thank you! 



Eric Llanes

New York (NY) USA

Hi Alvaro, let me start by thanking you for a great hunt and great experience. My wife and I enjoyed your country and look forward to another trip.”.

Carl Bishop


North Caroline USA

What an amazing hunt/trophy!!!


Butch Smith

Atlanta  (GA) USA

I really enjoyed the time with you and I look forward to seeing you next year! 


Fred Turner

Colorado (CO) USA

“Having the opportunity to tour Madrid before and after the hunt as well as Toledo and Segovia really fulfilled the expectations of a combined hunting trip and touring package. The hunting occurred in remote areas which combined challenging efforts with beautifically scenic views. Particularly enjoyable was our night stay at the Coto de valle hotel, which provided amenities with an upscale hunting atmosphere”.

Eduardo Negrete

Mejico DF (MEXICO)

Caceria excepcional en todos los sentindos...”.

Bill Deftos


Massachusetts  USA

We are having such a wonderful time in your country. Bill 


Nevada (NV) USA

Thank you so much for this amazing year,


John Murry

Alaska (AK) USA

Fernando, professional hunting guide, did a good job”..

Brad Morlock

Idaho (ID) (USA)

“Had a great time. Wonderful accommodations, great food, wonderful people. Hunts were challenging with beautiful hunting areas and great game. Pretty much 5 Star all the way.”

Matt Prater

Nashville (OK)  USA

“I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Spain! I can't wait to come back.”


Mark Metzger

Alexandria (OH)  USA

Third hunt with eurohunts and better every year, thank you for the unforgettable stay and success hunt.."


Fred Burd

St. Louise (MO) USA

Having the opportunity to tour Madrid before & after the hunt, as well as Toledo and Segovia, really full-filled the expectations of combined hunting trip and touring package..."

Bela Hidvegi

Budapest (Hungary)

Spanish Ibex slam, Chamois, Deer and roe deer completed


“Hunting with EUROHUNTS SPAIN is an adventure of a lifetime for any outdoor enthusiast. ”

Neal Cheanease

Fort Lauderdale (FL)  USA

“Our guides were highly experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate about the region, providing excellent guidance and support throughout the hunt..”


Steve Mecstroth

Fort Myers (FL)  USA

This tour is perfect for those seeking a not physically demanding immensely gratifying adventure in one of the most beautiful places on Earth."."


Jess Cain 

Dallas (TX) USA

“A perfect gateaway to Spain..

Top hunting, culture and mediterraenan culinary delights..."

Dale Roberts


"Unforgotable hunting experience filled with outstanding trophies. ”


3rd trips with EUROHUNTS

Yavuz Konuk

Istambul  TURKEY



“Spain excedeed all hunting & travel expectations..”


Steven Kirby

Nashville (TN)  USA

The new "conquistador"


Spanish Ibex slam achieved..


...We'll be back next year!!!