(Capra pyrenaica hispanica)


Hunting location; The montains range of "Sierra Nevada", Tejeda y Almijara mountains, "Alpujarra" Almeriense, "Sierra de los Filabres" and neighbouring ridges 


Hunting terrain; the Sierra Nevada massif is the largest Iberian mountain area with its own structural unit. Known by the Arabs as the “sunlit mountains”, it is home to some of the most valued flora in Europe. It was declared a Biosphere Reserve in 1986


Hunting method: spot & stalking, Rifle/bow hunting, we recommend, at least, 2/3 hunting days to achieve our goal; additional days can be added by request.

Trophy success; 99%.


Biometrics; smaller and lighter in color than Beceite & Gredos types,but larger and darker than Ronda type

Horns forming a circle with the tips growing toward the neck


Hunting Season;  October to May


Hunting accessible;  all physical conditions