EUROHUNTS SPAIN, World-class red-legged partridges driven shooting 



 (Alectoris rufa)


Hunting grounds;


ALBACETE ; Traditional red legged drives in the heart of Don Quixote's land. 


MALLORCA ISLAND;  Top partridges shooting at Mallorca's traditional excellent


SEVILLE COUNTRYSIDE; Classic red legged partridges drives experience with the southern-style charm


Hunting terrain; varied types of orography, basically common small ravines or field depressions in between rolling hills bushes, with wide and safe shooting areas


Hunting method: Traditional partridges shoots, 15/20 field drivers walking towards shooters covers. The recommended amount is between 6 and 8 hunters.

between 3/4 drives per day 


Hunting Season;  October/March


Hunting accessible; any physical conditions