(Capra hispanica victoriae)


Hunting location;

Located in the south of the Castile-León region, it covers 28 districts and consists of a spectacular succession of lakes, glacial cirques, gorges and crags created by erosion during the various ice ages

Hunting terrain;

The most spectacular of all the different hikes that can be done to explore this natural space is without doubt the route which leads up to the cirque, passing several waterfalls on its way up to the highest peaks. The Regional Reserve is home to a wide variety of plant and animal species, including particularly the Spanish ibex


Hunting method: spot & stalking, Rifle/bow hunting, we recommend, at least, 2/3 hunting days to achieve our goal; additional days can be added by request.


Trophy success; 99%.

Hunting Season;  September to June

Hunting accessible;  all physical conditions