A lifetime dedicated and linked to the hunting & conservation industry, having had the opportunity to hunt on the 5 continents, and since 1999 organizing and developing exclusive hunting trips in the best private units and game preserves

We have the privilege of sharing great trips with excellent people, with the common denominator of passion for nature and hunting as a sustainable conservation model.


Company staff & PH guides


Arrival airport is MADRID, where you will meet at luggage area. Once we process through customs we will begin our journey to the hunting area. An English speaking PROFESSIONAL GUIDE will accompany you during the entire trip, attending to every detail you may need.

All accommodation used in our hunts are scrupulously reviewed and approved by our staff, and include the highest quality properties available in rural areas offering traditional quality service

After a day of hunting, relax and enjoy the hospitality of traditional Spansih lodge with Mediterranean cuisine and discover the excellence of a variety of Spanish wines.

From our head office in Madrid, we realize all the opportune negotiations for the successful development of the hunts, as well as the organization of the tourist standays before after the hunt.

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Eurohunts Spain Manager

Professional guide

CEO, Founder & Managing director

Tomas Rein

Fernando Alvarez

Elisa Eguiguren

Alvaro Villegas

Professional guide



As a complement to hunting days, as per client's request, we can offer tours guide's services. Available for cultural visits in large cities, 1 day excursions to Toledo, Avila, Segovia, Aranjuez, Chinchon, etc or for multi-day touring routes.