(Rupicapra rupricapra parva)



Hunting location; northwest Spain, Leon, Asturias, Cantabria provinces; popular known as

"La Cordillera Cantabrica" 


Hunting terrain; Regarding its orography, it stands out because of its strong relief, where high peaks are followed by deep ravines and canyons. In more than 200 spots the mountains are over 2,000 metres above sea level and there are slopes that are more than 2,300 metres high.


Hunting method: spot & stalking, Rifle/bow hunting, we recommend, at least 3 hunting days to achieve our goal; additional days can be added by request.


Trophy success; 99%.

biometrics; The smallest chamois, with the lightest coloration. Smaller and paler than the Pyrenean chamois and with shorter, slimmer horns

Hunting Season;  May/December

Hunting accessible; good physical conditions