(Capra pyrenaica hispanica)


Hunting location; northeastern Spain, between Teruel, Tarragona and inland Castellón, is "El Maestrazgo", a region that is dominated by its rugged, unspoilt countryside, and where time moves slowly and unhurriedly by.


Hunting terrain; an estimated population of around 20,000 animals,with its characteristic wide spread configuration horns shape, an area of lofty peaks, crossed by deep gorges, tracks that wind through pine groves and follow the courses of crystal clear rivers, trails that lead to the most peaceful of villages.


Hunting method: spot & stalking, Rifle/bow hunting, we recommend, at least, 2/3 hunting days to achieve our goal; additional days can be added by request.


Trophy success; 99%.

Hunting Season;  October to May

Hunting accessible;  all physical conditions