A different way of discovering the history, culture and natural attractions of Spain.

The great tourist routes in our country offer you the chance to set out on a journey which will take you through great historic cities, breathtaking landscapes, and places which bear the imprint of centuries of history. All these routes are an opportunity to enjoy a unique and evocative experience while you discover Spain's outstanding cultural heritage.


Spain has the second largest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world.

The list  contains everything  from cave art  to the historic quarters of modern towns, and includes nature reserves, gardens and monuments. Each of them is completely unique and exceptional, and merits being conserved for future generations.




You are welcome to bring your own firearm which we will assist in executing proper import paperwork or if wish eurohunts can provide excellent equipment for your use.

If you wish to bring your own gun, please let us know as we will be happy to assist you in the proper filing of permits.

According to Spanish firearms transportation regulations, a hard plactic/metal box case for fireamrs as well as another independent  for ammo is required.



 The 27 countries from the EU to bring the original “European gun card”, without this document it will be impossible to import and use hunting guns in the country




You are welcome to bring your own firearm which we will assist in executing proper import paperwork or if wish eurohunts can provide excellent equipment for your use.

If you wish to bring your own gun, please let us know as we will be happy to assist you in the proper filing of permits



Spain Quick Travel Guide Info


All you need is a valid passport to enter Spain, and stay a maximum of 90 days.



Arrival and departure point is Madrid, the capital of the country. Some different airline companies from States and Europe operated this country, and we recommended American airlines, Delta, Us airways, continental airlines and Iberia.



In the airport upon arrival.



Spain one of the safest countries for tourist to come and visit us.



The peninsular territory go by the Greenwich meridian time zone (GMT) plus 1 hour in the winter and 2 hours in the summer.



Spanish is the official language in the country; however other dialects coexist with the Spanish in certain regions.



90% population are catholic.



Since 2002, the official currency in Spain is the euro.



Do not need any vaccine or treatment for your stay.



International knows by excellent healthy food.



Non Hunter Activities

World best shopping destination (Art, leather shoes, handmade jewellery, pottery, antiques, extra virgin olive oil, wines, spices)

Top 10 sights in Madrid

• Royal Palace. Madrid's most beautiful building, the largest royal palace  in

Western Europe. More...

• Puerta del Sol. Madrid's most central and best known square. More...

• Plaza Mayor. Marvellous enclosed square, perfect to sit outside and people watch.More...

• Templo de Debod. An authentic 2nd Century BC Egyptian temple in

the middle  of Madrid! More...

• Madrid Cathedral. Madrid's largest and most important church. More...

• Plaza de la Villa. Incredibly historic square, home to the 15th Century Torre de  Lujanes, 16th Century Casa de Cisneros and the 17th Century Casa de la Villa.

• Puerta de Alcalá. A Madrid icon, this old city gate even has a song dedicated  to it! More...

• Gran Vía. Madrid's most famous and most central street. More...

• Plaza de Cibeles. Central square where Real Madrid celebrates championship wins and home to the Bank of Spain. More...

• Plaza de Oriente. Beautiful square located in front of the Royal Palace. More...

See 20 top ideas

• Cultural visit to any of the major cities (Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Toledo,

  San Sebastian, etc)

• Visit the Alhambra in Granada.

• People watching at El Rastro, the largest open flea market

•  Running with the Bulls in Pamplona

• See the spectacular views at Ronda.

• Prado museum visit

• See Frank Gehry's amazing architecture (Guggenheim museum)

• Take part in a local village fiesta.

• Experience Gaudi's Barcelona.

• Do tapas!

• Sit outside in a cafe and watch the world go by!

• Stamp you heals to the Flamenco! Flamenco show.

• Go mad for Art in Spain.

• Balearic Island tour

• Royal monastery of “San Lorenzo del Escorial”

• Bullfighting

• Do the white village trail

• Enjoy moorish pleasures

• Wine tasting

• Open top bus sightseeing


Because of the history of our own home country, the non hunter’s companions will have a unique experience during your stay in the country. We can also arrange parallel programs for observers by request.





Weather forescast


Spain, one of the warmest countries in Europe.

Predominantly Mediterranean temperature, with dry summers and fairly constant temperatures during the winter.

The Iberian peninsula enjoys over 250 days of sun, Temperature will moderate by region.


Parking for a hunt trip requires proper planning. Light packing makes travelling easy, keep in mind no laundry service is provided in the lodges. We suggest green, brown, neutral and camo clothing colours, as well as gore-tex mountains boots and rain warm gear.


Do no forget:

• 1 Warm jacket (waterproof)

• 1 Polar fleece

• 1 Gore-tex montain hunting boots

• 1 comfortable warm and waterproof trousers

• 1 cotton hunting trousers

• 3 pairs hiking-sport socks

•Snow Gators (December/January/February)

• 2 Warm hunting shirts

• warm gloves

-walking poles

• beanie hat & cap

• Binoculars

• Sunscreen lotion

• Scarf

• Flashlight

• Pocket knife

• Camera kit

• Backpack

• Book or magazines for flys.

-Bullets hard plactic/metal case


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