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TERMS AND GENERAL CONDITIONS Reservations The reservation can be made by a deposit; depending on the time will be 30%-50% of the total value of the hunt. After the hunter will receive a contract written with dates and animals booked. Trophy fees will be determined after scoring. Payments Game trophy fees will be paid after trophies collect. Not included amenities after the hunt trip. Cancellation and refunds.- Cancellation 181 days prior the hunt starting date, the full deposit is refunded less $1.000 per hunting client handling fee. Cancellation 180 to 90 days prior the hunt start, no refund Cancellation 90 days or less prior the hunt starts, total payments retained. The client is responsible for paying licence and tags in full in case of cancellation less than 90 days. EUROHUNTS acts as a booking agent for hotels, airlines, air charters, buses, trains, and any other special requests from the client, however we are independent company and not responsible for the changes by this entities. The clients have to book a personal insurance for the hunt trip not provided by Eurohunts. It’s important to understand that hunting is a sport that involves risk. Trophy fees are to be paid in full by the client if animals are wounded and lost. Travelling days are included in the duration of the hunt period. In National Reserves with National Game Department regulations, 2 or 3 days are the maximum duration allowed to hunt for each trophy. Two chances are possible to collect a given trophy, and a trophy fee applies if animals are missed 2 or more times.


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