Eurohunts will take care of all hotel reservations before, during and after the trip. We recommended the following hotels in Madrid



• Hotel NH paseo del prado

• Hotel TIROL

• Hotel Husa paseo del arte

• Hotel Ritz

• Hotel Palace

• Hotel Wellington



A wide range of luxury possibilities include Paradores, Hoteles, Posadas, casas rurales.

Beceite ibex area

Gredos ibex area

Ronda ibex area

Pyrenean chamois area

Balearian goat area

Cantabrian Chamois area

Spanish Red deer, fallow deer, wild board

Roe deer area

Aoudad sheep area

Red legged padtriges lodges

Iberian Mouflon sheep

Southeastern ibex area

Meals and food

We do 3 meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. A breakfast before going out to hunt, consisting of tea or coffee, juices, fruit and pastries. Depending on the area or the time of the year, we do a bush picnic or eat in a local restaurant. At the end of the day, after the hunt, we do dine at the hotel where we staying.



Healthy, versatile, with a thousand different flavours. Rice is one of the most widely consumed foods in the world, and is a vital ingredient in Spanish cuisine. It is no coincidence that Spain is Europe’s second largest rice producer. In Spanish restaurants you will find a huge variety of delicious, rice-based dishes.


Tapas recipes


Vary according to the gastronomic traditions of each region. But most popular are often served are usually those including  the many variety of olives, dry nuts, as well as variety of cold cuts.


Dating back to middle ages, todays tapas are made with a variety of breads, meat, fish, fowl and vegetables.


Wine country


Enjoy the legendary hospitality of the Spanish bodegas and taste at rising star wineries in Ribera del Duero & Rueda.


Our new 'Great Wines of Northern Spain' tour also covers Navarre and many up and coming regions. Other Spanish areas include our Penedes & Priorat, Sherry and Walking in Rioja.




Alvaro Villegas

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El Tiempo Madrid


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